Maine Prevention Council - Strengthening Families & Communities

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Parenting is hard. All parents need support from time to time. Prevention Councils offer a wide range of support for families and parents in every county in Maine. All support services are free.

We also know that all parents have strengths and we can build on those strengths by supporting protective factors in families. Protective factors are helping families connect to one another, learn about how their child grows and develops, how to overcome life's obstacles, learn how to find help, and how to help children understand their emotions. Services vary from county to county based on the needs identified by the community.

Here is an overview of some of the support services provided by Prevention Councils. For upcoming Prevention Council support services and events in your area or for more information, visit our local resources map here.

  • Parenting education: All Prevention Councils provide parenting education where you can learn with other parents about your child's development as well as learn techniques and strategies for your child's growth.
  • Parenting support groups: Prevention Councils offer opportunities for caregivers to connect with one another. Topics are often chosen by caregivers or on subjects that previous participants have shared they would like to hear more about.
  • Playgroups: Prevention Councils also hold playgroups for young children to learn through play and they also provide support for caregivers on your child's development.
  • Events: Various events and informational opportunities are provided in each County to support families. We encourage you to visit our resource map here to see what your local Prevention Council is providing in your area.
  • Needed services: We all need help finding services or needed items for our families. Your local Prevention Council can assist with a wide range of needs and/or can also help you connect with available services in your county.