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Supportive Communities & Strong Families Prevent Child Abuse & Neglect

The Front Porch Project® is a community initiative based on the belief that everyone can - and should - become more aware of how to help support children and families in their community. In the workshop, you will explore how to build relationships by connecting with others in times of need or stress, foster the idea that it's okay to ask for and receive help in stressful times, learn how to be most helpful to other caregivers without causing harm, and empower yourself to feel confident in offering support.

Specifically, this webinar teaches you to:
  • Increase your awareness of the importance of prevention in helping to protect children and support families.
  • Identify and develop comfort with a range of parenting approaches.
  • Identify when and how to get involved in situations involving a child.
  • Think of possible responses, interventions, and problem-solving strategies.
  • Identify "roadblocks" to stepping in and find safe ways around them.
  • Increase your comfort level with stepping into those situations.
  • Understand the impact that culture, gender, and socioeconomic status can have on parenting and on actions to you might take on behalf of children.
  • Reach out to others in your community to support children and families.

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Training FAQ

What is the Front Porch Project®?
The Front Porch Project® is a community-based initiative founded on the belief that everyone can and should play a role in preventing child abuse. Everyone can do something! It is supported by research focusing on how adults learn and make decisions to act on behalf of children, and was developed by the Pennsylvania Family Support Alliance.

How does the Front Porch Project® of Maine Work?
Maine Children's Trust has partnered with local community agencies to offer the Front Porch Project® workshop across the state. It is an interactive, fun mix of discussion and activities that encourage learning and community building. The workshop is offered online and in-person (as safety restrictions allow) and can be presented in one to two workshops. It is provided at no charge to participants and is held in many community settings.

The Front Porch Project® offers a comprehensive look at why people do (and don't) get involved when they are concerned about a child. This workshop is not a "one size fits all" approach; we don't tell you what to do in any given situation. Instead, we help you to think through situations you have encountered and decide on a response that feels right for you. We provide an opportunity for you to share ideas with other people in your community and practice strategies for stepping in to help. You will leave with real-world examples and concrete steps to take when something "just doesn't seem right" with a child in your neighborhood, place of worship, or public place.