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  • Welcome to The MAINE CHILDREN'S TRUST...

    Please browse this site and explore how the Maine Children's Trust helps to strengthen families and prevent child abuse and neglect in communities all across Maine.

    Child Abuse and Neglect Prevention Councils of Maine.
    Check out the classes happening in your area this Fall .

    Each is a local resource for parenting information, education and support.

    Organization Name Location
    Advocates for Children Auburn
    *Parents on Board
    *Active Parenting Now
    Aroostook Council for Healthy Families Houlton
    *1 2 3 Magic  
    Child Abuse Prevention Cumberland County Portland
    *Active Parenting Now  
    Franklin County Children's Task Force Farmington
    *1 2 3 Magic
    *Active Parenting Now
    *Nurturing Fathers
    Healthy Kids Damariscotta
    *Baby think it Over  
    Kennebec Valley Community Action Program (KVCAP) Waterville
    *1 2 3 Magic
    *Active Parenting Now-Hancock
    *Active Parenting Now-Somerset
    *Nurturing Fathers
    Kids Free to Grow York
    *1 2 3 Magic  
    Midcoast Maine Community Action Program Bath
    *1 2 3 Magic
    *Bootcamp for New Dads
    Child Abuse Prevention Washington County Machais
    *Active Parenting Now    



    The Trust is supported by federal grants, private foundations and by a growing number of Maine individuals and businesses who believe in a brighter future for all Maine children. Click HERE to see how you can donate to The Maine Children's Trust..

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